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woman in technology Association

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2017 - 2019

The preliminary studies of our association were started in 2017 by Zehra Öney, who has been working as a professional manager and entrepreneur in the technology sector, especially in production, research and development, digital and mobile marketing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data and machine learning since the early 2000s.

By putting the Wtech Platform into practice, she has gathered feedback on the activities of the association, met with local and multinational companies in Turkey and took their opinions on this subject, and brought the organization to life with these companies and enabled them to participate in this goal.


2019 - 2020

Under the leadership of Zehra Öney, our Association was established on January 31, 2019 with 75 founding corporate members who joined with the intention of advancing towards the same goal. Following the establishment, the first general assembly meeting was convened in May and the management bodies were determined and the project work started rapidly.

In December 2019, “Wtech Academy” was launched and the first training project, SQL Database Analyst training, was opened. In 2020, many trainings were opened under the umbrella of Wtech Academy and more than 500 students received training. In the same year, the Youth Transformation Academy started trainings in cooperation with the Turkish Confederation of Employer Association. More than 700 students were supported to receive education within the scope of the Youth Transformation Academy. We have also provide employment support at a rate of 81%.



Our association has reached the number of more than 150 members in a short time after its establishment and has started to sign successful projects with its fast, focused and disciplined working principle compared to many associations at the start-up level.

As our sustainability project, the “Technological and Innovative Solutions in Agriculture” competition was launched in order to encourage new ideas, projects, products and services that will contribute to the sustainability goals of agriculture and strengthen its impact, within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals “End Hunger”. Within the scope of the competition, 4 teams won a total of 140,000 TL in prizes.

In 2021, the Artificial Intelligence Training program, a first in Turkey, was launched in cooperation with the Woman in Technology Association and Udacity, which will enable 30 female managers and 32 university graduate young girls to receive training in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for 4 months.