Founding President’s Message

As the Woman in Technology Association, our job is people and our job is technology, but our main job is human diversity in technology.

As the Woman in Technology Association (Wtech), we aim to increase the rate of women in technology, which is still 9.91%, to ensure diversity and to create the benefit that will contribute to Turkey’s technological power, which can be at the forefront of global competition, from the numerical power of women. 

In line with this goal, we aim to contribute to the transformation of Turkey as a Smart and Technological Society by increasing diversity in production, R&D, science and invention, which constitute a very important potential in the world of technology.

For this purpose, we increase the motivation of our young girls studying in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in production, science and invention in the field of technology, with the support of talent management, scholarship opportunities, network, role model mentors, and prepare them for the future.

Due to the importance and value we attach to diversity, and due to the low number of representation, we have started to work primarily with a female focus, but in our talent management activities, we aim to ensure that men as well as women benefit from our work and the opportunities of our association.

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