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Woman in Technology Association

The establishment of the Woman in Technology Association started in 2017 under the leadership of 360+ Media Interactive Technologies Agency President Zehra Öney. Research and preliminary studies were completed with the aim of raising the human resources that will be needed in the field of technology between 2017-2019, and our Association was established on January 31, 2019 with 75 founding institutions and individuals under the Founding Presidency of Zehra Öney.

Our association, which has reached the number of more than 150 members in a short period of time, held its first general assembly meeting on May 3, 2019 and determined the governing bodies and our activities has began. As the Woman in Technology Association, our main aim is to enable individuals to discover their own potential; to train curious, researcher, productive and self-confident people who are experts in technology and bring them into the business world. 

To ensure human diversity in technology; we aim to ensure that women who are few in number and who are low in motivation to make a career are specialized and empowered to take part in this field. Within the scope of artificial intelligence with a great potential; We contribute to the increase of technical skills in rapidly transforming business areas, and we aim to contribute to the transformation of Turkey as a smart and technological society.

Our association continues to work within the framework of 3 main focuses.

These are;

Woman ın technology assocıatıon

Here is People, here is Technology

Woman in Technology Association

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