Why Join Us?

The Woman in Technology Association (Wtech) carries out studies in order to meet the need that is lack of expert human resources in the fields of science and technology, and its deficiency will increase more and more.It produces projects that will increase the rate of women in technology in order to ensure that women are more included in the digital processes that are undergoing change and transformation.

The Woman in Technology Association, which provides training in artificial intelligence based on a broad basis in developing digital processes, aims to train the technology leaders of the future.

Young people are employed by cooperating with many valuable institutions at the end of the trainings given by the institutions. Working women in supporting institutions are given opportunity to develop themselves by ensuring their participation in digital processes. Thus, technical trainings, live question & answer sessions, soft skill trainings, inspiring speeches and career day events are organized in order to encourage newly graduated students and women working in institutions to take part in the production side of technology and to create diversity in the production of artificial intelligence.

The Woman in Technology Association; works in the perspective of the digitalized world, regardless of the sector, and develops sustainable projects to create equal opportunities in technological processes and increase diversity. It offers all participants and members a chance to support. Individuals working in these institutions; Thanks to the fully equipped trainings it offers, it enables them to become a strong part of the changing world.

 Woman in Technology Association; In addition to technical skills, soft skills have started to become a necessity nowadays; It offers pioneering training in artificial intelligence, machine learning and information. In this fast environment where technological processes are important for the working group, regardless of the sector; contributes to the active and well-equipped young people who will be developed to take a role in supporting institutions.