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As the Woman in Technology Association (Wtech), the “Technological and Innovative Solutions in Agriculture” competition was launched last April in order to promote new ideas, projects, products and services that will contribute to the sustainability goals of agriculture and strengthen its impact, within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals “End Hunger”.

The main purpose of the competition is to contribute to the creation of solutions for the development of agriculture in our country and to achieve sustainable goals, to encourage women in the agricultural sector to be role models, and to enable women entrepreneurs to focus on sustainable agricultural technologies. When the power of women in agriculture is combined with technology, it will accelerate the creation of a more livable world.

The competition was launched with valuable supports of T.C Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), FMO (Netherlands Development Bank), Amazon Web Services, Tekfen Holding, Cargill, Yemeksepeti, KKB (Credit Registration Bureau), SAS and Adcolony.

In our competition, which was held in two categories as universities and entrepreneurs, ConFarm, which addresses the problem of food product shortage in our university category, who wants to produce with their own design containers, and aims to bring organic and efficient agriculture to everyone, came first, Mühendis Beyinler team came second and Kybele’s Garden came third. In our entrepreneurial category, the Nanomik team, which developed 100% natural pesticides instead of the chemical preservatives used to prevent the loss of 2.5 billion tons of fresh fruits and vegetables produced every year in the world, came first. As the Woman in Technology Association, we continue to support our teams after the competition.

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For a more sustainable future, we, as the Woman in Technology Association, took UNDP’s “Clean Water and Sanitation” target as an example this year. Due to climate changes, which is one of the consequences of global warming, the issue of water consumption becomes more worrying over time. We will produce projects in this regard to ensure the sustainability of water resources and support everyone’s access to clean water resources.