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Research and Measurement

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Based on the idea that we cannot understand and manage what we cannot measure, we have started working to close the big gap in index studies that will reveal the value of research and measurement and see the whole. As a result of the preliminary work we have started with IPSOS, one of the largest research companies in the world, we have completed our infrastructure to create a leading measurement study on the human index in technology and the breakdown of women in this index. In this research project that we are carrying out to understand the technological dynamics of Turkey, we are extracting the technology and human index of Turkey from sociocultural, geopolitical and technological aspects. By turning our focus to people, we will index the relationship of individuals who are above a certain age group with technology, the gender breakdown of individuals working in technology, whether STEM graduates continue to work in technology, and their satisfaction if they are satisfied separately. In this way, we will have a source study that can give us our own data, not foreign sources.

As a part of the Research and Measurement Project, we are conducting a “Human Index in Technology” study with IPSOS as a Woman in Technology Association.

Purpose of the study;

  1.       Determination of the current situation in the fields of technology and science in Turkey,
  2.       Deciphering the differences between the sexes,
  3.       It is the acquisition of data that will allow increasing female representation. 

For these purposes, we have been working on the strategic planning of the project for 6 months as a Women’s Association in Technology with Bahçeşehir University, which is one of our supporters, for these dec. Project 1. as a result of the additions made by our supporters to our question sets belonging to the phase, we have completed the desk research and field studies. This research, which was contributed by many of our corporate members, will be the first “Human Index in Technology” study in Turkey. In general, its approach to technology and science aims to be an index to the work that will be done to increase the number of people working in this field and the representation of women.

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