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AI Education Project

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By signing a first in Turkey; the Woman in Technology Association launched a special training program to encourage women to take part in the production side of technology and to create diversity in the production of artificial intelligence.

This project was integrated with technical trainings, live Q&A sessions, soft skill training, inspiring talks and career meeting events.

Technical trainings; Within the scope of Udacity Scholarship programs, 30 female administrators and 32 university graduate young girls, exclusive to Wtech Academy, will receive training in artificial intelligence for 4 months. Two main training topics were identified within the scope of the project. These are the ‘Artificial Intelligence with Python’ and ‘Deep Learning’ training programs. A training program has been prepared in which sector-based projects will be carried out practically. At the end of the project, which will include more than 1500 mentors and field experts, the participants will have the internationally valid Nanodegree Certificate. Within the framework of this program, which contributes to the expert human resources that Turkey needs in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning, live sessions will be held every week with the support of Udacity trainers and a Turkish teacher from Oxford. It will focus on issues that students have difficulty with and which are most needed in the industry. Udacity; will provide career services exclusively to Wtech Academy so that students can present their projects to national and international companies and develop their careers.

After four months of technical training, soft skill training will be given by Wtech Academy for two weeks. These trainings have been specially prepared for this project by the well-known names of Turkey.

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